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Clinton Denounces Lybian Leader
Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton, is letting Lybia and the rest of the world know that the United States will not stand for the complete lake of human dignity. Clinton says that everything is being considered in coming up with a strategy to deal with the Lybian leader, Moammar Kadafi.
Hilary went o…
Violent Greek Group Added To Terrorist Blacklist
America and the world continue to grow opposition in the form of terrorists. The Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton, declared the Greek organization 'Sect of Revolutionaries' be put on the terrorism blacklist. The group claims responsibility for two killings as well as attacks on TV and po…
Obama: Most Admired For 3rd Year
Obama took the title this year but who else was in the running? What does this "popularity contest" really mean? Who would you vote for? More inside.