Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton, is letting Lybia and the rest of the world know that the United States will not stand for the complete lake of human dignity. Clinton says that everything is being considered in coming up with a strategy to deal with the Lybian leader, Moammar Kadafi.

Hilary went on to say, "Make no mistake. This popular wave for reform is spreading, not receding, young people know everything that is going on everywhere, and they no longer will tolerate a status quo that blocks their aspirations."

James Oliphant and Christi Parsons - Washington Bureau

Clinton's remarks came as the European Union agreed to impose economic sanctions on the crumbling Kadafi regime, including an arms embargo, a freeze of Kadafi's assets and a travel ban. That came after the United States announced similar sanctions Friday.

On Saturday, the U.N. Security Council also voted to impose economic sanctions on Libya.

Clinton welcomed the actions, saying "the international community has a responsibility to protect universal rights." Her trip to Switzerland is part of an effort to coordinate a Western response to the unrest in the Middle East.

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