Obama took the title this year but who else was in the running? What does this "popularity contest" really mean? Who would you vote for? More inside.

Obama was named "America's Most Admired Man of 2010". The title he has held for the last three years. Hilary Clinton also nabbed the title for the women beating out Palin by 5% in votes.

While I admire Obama for the position he has accepted and the job he is trying to do as our President there are still others on that list that may be more deserving. Bill Gates who started the worlds largest fund for a charity in the sum of billions of dollars was among those topped by Barack Obama. Obama even topped the Pope!

I really disagree with Hilary Clinton Beating Sarah Palin by 5% in the polls. I do not disagree with
Clinton winning over Palin but that Palin was even on the list. A lot of people say she is a strong woman that faced great adversary and did it with great poise. I would agree with that but then again it was she that put herself in the line of fire. She even handed those firing at her "ammunition" from her Alaskan gun vault.

It sounds as if I am taking swift jabs at Palin to help boost my own ego and I admit she is just my scapegoat. I'm more upset at the declaration of "America's Most Admirable Anything". The "contest" seems to give those already in the spotlight a  bit louder microphone to yell to the audiences for just a few days until the title's gusto fades.

Why would the most admirable person not be the soldier that saved lives, the teacher that inspired his/her students or the stranger that donated and saved a life. If you are reading this and you know of this kind of person, let them know your admiration. The country will never know who they are but they are well known by those they have touched.

Sarah Palin has a reality TV show. Hilary Clinton has been famous ever since her husband caused more drama than the Jersey Shore. And Barack Obama is our President. Didn't we learn in school that popularity contests weren't productive? Are our kids immatating the "real life" or are we just acting like kids? Get out there and give praise to those making a difference in your community because their actions are the actions that really count. A million communities working together and making a "change" is vastly better than millions of bodies waiting for someone else to do something.

WASHINGTON -- President Obama reigns as "America's Most Admired Man of 2010" -- winning the title for the third straight year, despite a slip in his numbers, says a Gallup poll released yesterday.

His 22 percent, down from 30 percent in 2008, easily beat George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Nelson Mandela, Bill Gates and Pope Benedict XVI, each of whom scored in the single digits.

Meanwhile, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton (17 percent) was chosen "America's Most Admired Woman" for the ninth consecutive year, beating back Sarah Palin (12 percent).

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