Maybe it stems from my Pittsburgh, PA childhood where it's not uncommon to be told in the wintertime to, 'be careful, it's slippy out there....' or perhaps a desire to present the same information in a different language. But according to Pamela who emailed shortly after the show “slickery” has deep-roots in Butte!

I had a giggle this morning when you said the roads were “slickery”. Well, “slickery” is a deep-rooted word I grew up with in Butte, Montana … still use it, always will use it.  Your daily clever turn of a word (behaviorologist) is terrific.  Being the wordsmith you are … please keep it up. By the way, our road is super slickery this morning.

I was not without the detractors as Bob emailed.

Who is this clown that uses made up words?

Thanks to Pamela & Bob for the feedback. If it takes a made up word to translate an Idea, well, that's communication!

À bientôt, j'espère