What's going on?

Bozeman: How Big Before You Leave?
Show of hands — how many want to see the farmland in the photo above gone? Open space replaced with condos, homes and shopping centers?
Should Bozeman Teachers Be Armed?
There was another school shooting in Florida this week. Seventeen people are dead that shouldn’t be. And the usual questions are being asked.
Meet The Most Dangerous Woman On Earth
Who’s the innocent, smiling woman? She’s the sister of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. Meet Kim Yo-jong quite possibly the most dangerous woman on earth.
Term Limits: Yes Or No?
Why do we keep sending the same people back to congress expecting different results? Why not term limits for our Senators and Representatives? Would it help?
Should You Date A Co-Worker?
Our entire lives are guided by emotion. Love and hate are two of the most powerful. It’s an unpleasant work environment when the former turns to the latter.
Where Do I Get Most Of My Blog Ideas?
In March I'll have been blogging on KMMS for about 7 years. If the average book is 250 pages then over time I’ve written the equivalent of over 100 books.
Has The Super Bowl Lost Its Luster?
I’ve missed two Super Bowls in my life. The first in 1967 while vacationing in the jungles of South Vietnam at the expense of Lyndon Johnson, and last Sunday.
A New Billionaire Every Other Day In 2017
This is the message I hear most often. You’re black, you’re handicapped, you’re uneducated, you're poor, and because of all that you’ll never be successful.
Jan 27th Market Wrap Up with Tom & Shane
Will the Fed up the interest rate in their March meeting? How much growth is expected in the first quarter with all the hourly raises and bonuses of companies?