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What If Tariffs Are Terrific?
We only have a 2 percent duty fee for almost 75 percent of foreign goods entering this country. Two percent is hardly a protection for American workers.
Friday Factual Fun Facts About Farming
When it’s time to socialize you’re pretty well done at 9 PM. Making it all the way through a movie is a real challenge. Not too many second dates for farmers.
School Walkout Across America
I’m a child of the 60s and my generation invented protesting and demonstrations. Vietnam War and Civil Rights — HELLO.
Bozeman Has The Perfect Weather Seasons
If you’ve lived in Montana long enough you’ve probably seen snow or freezing temperatures sometime in every month of the year. I know I have.
03.10.18 Market Wrap-Up With Tom & Shane
Will foreign countries make good on threats to go after American farmers with tariffs against our agricultural products in retaliation for Trump's Tariffs?
How Much Open Space Do We Need?
Beautiful mountains, rich farmland, and arguably some of the best fishing, hunting and skiing anywhere on earth abound in the Gallatin Valley.
The Oscars – Not Exactly A Trump Rally
During WW II Hollywood got behind the war effort. Celebrities sold war bonds, did USO tours, made movies about war heroes. Those days also ended long ago.
Skiing In Montana
So while I don’t like to drive in it, shovel it, or trudge through it. A good snowfall is pretty majestic when you think about it.
Cultural Appropriation In Tattoos?
Now you can no longer have a tramp stamp of Speedy Gonzales or that oh so wise Japanese or Korean saying on your tushy. Is Mom still OK?
Tom & Shane Market Wrap Up [Listen]
Will the Fed raise rates in March and if so how much? How will the new tax rates affect the economy leading up to the November election?