What's going on?

The Way We Think About America Is Broken
As my Saturday co-host Shane Montalban likes to point out, we live in one of the three best country clubs in the world — Australia, Canada, and the USA.
The Redefining Of The Presidency
I’ve lived through 13 US Presidents. Some good, some bad; some popular, some unpopular. But I’ve yet to experience a president quite like Donald Trump.
Profanity In The Workplace
Before I started in radio I used profanity in the workplace, home, and sometimes in public with friends. I'm not proud of that but I should point it out here.
Famous Friends We Lost In 2017
We mark the passage of the rich and famous with mixed feelings. They touched our lives even though, in most cases, we never actually knew them in real life.
Tom’s Advice to Millennials In 2018
The start of a new year is the time to make significant changes in your life. The problem is that many Millennials have no idea that changes are needed.
“Fidget Spinner” YES!
How do I know my wife really loves me? She got me the fidget spinners pictured above for Christmas. Why did she get me such a loving gift?
That’s Not Really A Sport
There are many so-called sports that have awards and trophies for certain levels of excellence but fail the smell test of being an actual sport.
My Non-2018 New Year Resolutions
I’ve made quite a few trips around the sun and have made resolutions in the past. Virtually none of them have ever panned out or been completed successfully.
Tom And Shane Predict 2018
On the December 30th edition of Open for Business Tom and Shane dust off their crystal ball and take a look into what to look forward to in 2018.
Tom And Shane Market Wrap-Up Dec. 23rd
Each week Tom and Shane wrap up the markets for the week. In addition they also talked about something left out of the tax bill — carried interest.