What's going on?

Are Facebook Battles Worth It?
Facebook has confirmed that those I used to know who had no political views now have unbending, etched in stone, you’re an idiot, political points of view.
I Didn't Say That!
Imagine President Obama admitting he was born in Kenya? Whoopee Goldberg voting Republican? Maxine Waters saying, “Can’t we all just get along?” all deepfake.
Trump Not Welcome In Great Falls
Civility to others has gone right out the window. Respect for a difference of opinion is no longer permissible by those who think differently.
2018 Supreme Court Surprises
On Saturday June 30, Jennifer Bordy will guest on Open for Business for our yearly Supreme Court Wrap Up Show. Listen live online or tune in at 11am MDT.
How Liberal Is Bozeman?
MSU has a hand in this. Pretty hard to ignore 16,000 potential student voters whose minds are being molded by professors with Marx posters in their offices.
Kids In Cages
When illegals are arrested they are separated from the family unit. This is nothing new. It’s been happening due to the Flores Consent Decree from 1997.
Tom Egelhoff Has A New Knee
I was off the air for a couple of weeks because I had knee replacement surgery on May 29th. All went well and I’m on the road to recovery and doing very well.