The areas of concern remain; Livingston Ditch and Fleshman Creek. Evacuees are still advised to remain away from their homes. Evacuees will be contacted when it is safe to return to their homes.

For up to date information, please call 406-223-0165.

Sand is now available at the Fairgrounds for individuals wanting to make their own sandbags for their properties. Please bring your own bags for the sand.

The City will continue to monitor and stabilize ditches and drainage areas throughout the City and Park County. Please use caution when traveling, and do not drive or walk through areas with deep water.


The City of Livingston experienced significant runoff late Wednesday afternoon and evening. The runoff was severe enough to cause several lakes leading into the Livingston ditch. Multiple residents on North N Street were evacuated.

Due to high river runoff, the Livingston Ditch and Fleshman Creek remain at high levels. Additional road closures may occur, up to and possibly including Park Street. At this point, the area of the most concern within the City is from South 9th Street to South 12th Street, from Park Street to the Yellowstone River. In some places, there is water nearly 2 feet deep in the road.

Residents are urged to drive safely and to not drive through deep water. The Civic Center, located at 229 River Drive is open for those who are displaced by the flooding.