Flipping through the movie channels the other night I found almost every other movie had some kind of zombie theme. I guess the success of “The Walking Dead” TV show has inspired Hollywood to do what they always do, go off the deep end and saturate the market with zombie films. For all you zombie fans out there here are some fun zombie facts.

Fun Facts About Zombies

  • How do you get to be a zombie? The most popular theories are dying and resurrection as a zombie, contract a zombie virus, or massive radiation exposure.
  • Regardless of the cause one thing is certain when it comes to zombies. They all have “compromised” brains.
  • The only way to stop a zombie is severally damage its brain or cut off the head.
  • Who holds the record for writing and directing more zombie movies than anyone in history? That would be George A. Romero.
  • Yes, there actually is, or was, a real life zombie. That honor goes to Haitian Clairvius Narcisse. Taking a combo of neurotoxins and hallucinogens did the trick. “Did you bring enough for everyone?”
  • Yaws is a painful disease that can produce a zombie like appearance in humans. Painful sores on the face, legs, arms and feet can cause a zombie like shuffle or slow staggering walk and physical appearance.
  • Yes, it’s against the law to turn someone into a zombie in Haiti. Please refer to Article 249 which states if you drug someone, bury them, then dig them up and bring them back to life you could still be tried for murder. The scariest part of this is it must happen often enough to need a law.
  • Is the term worst zombie movies and oxymoron? Two that make almost everyone’s  worst ever list are Zombie Strippers (2008) and Zombies, Zombies, Zombies (2008).
  • Good News. Now you can get two wearing’s of your zombie costume in the same month. World Zombie Day falls on October 8th this year.
  • If you are a fan of the zombie genre then you are one of the “Zombophiles.”
  • You might want to think twice about becoming a zombie in Haiti. The powder used consists of poisons from a puffer fish, hyla tree frog and cane toad. If that’s not enough to make you think twice, hallucinogens and human remains are other popular ingredients.
  • Before modern medicine people in comas were mistaken for dead. Thieves would then dig up graves to steal jewelry and sometimes found living people. This is one theory were zombies might have originated.

Some Final Thought

Zombies, vampires, and other horror creatures will always be with us. In some cases the films try to mirror society in other cases they just want a really high body count. Either way if you are a zombie movie fan I doubt there will be a shortage of entertainment for you in the coming months and years. What’s your favorite Zombie film?