We have three computers in our house. I realize that’s about four or five fewer than other’s but I’m frugal. Moreover, that frugality sometimes makes for a tough night especially when you are under a deadline for your blog and two of the three aren’t cooperating.

My Mac

I’ve had Macs for years and as anyone knows Mac users have an almost evangelical fanaticism for their Mac products. I’ve been using them ever since 1986 and have never, let me repeat that, never had any problem with a single one. Never lost a file, never lost an application, never failed to startup or shutdown, rarely if ever did I even bother running diagnostics, because it simply wasn’t needed with a Mac.
Speed beyond compare. The Mac is hands-down faster than either of my IBM’s which only adds to the frustration.

My IBM’s

The wife has a new IBM. Works fine but doesn’t have Word yet. Therefore, I am typing this blog on the old slow Vista IBM and trying to remember how to do the grammar and spell check. So I will put this on a flash drive, download a basic free work program on her machine and try to get this posted sometime before spring.

Online Support

We all know those horror stories don’t we? At least the fine folks at Apple spoke English but although they made a valiant effort most of what we tried failed. At least it didn’t cost me anything since I had downloaded the latest upgrade that is probably the problem in the first place.

Some Final Thoughts

To Steve Jobs wherever you may be. I never had this problem when you were alive. I find myself pondering the age old question of repair or replace. I think I’m leaning toward replace. I might spend a few bucks on the Mac to get it at least operating in some form but I’m afraid its days may be numbered.

To be fair I use it a lot. Five blogs each week, and hours of research for the radio show. I’ve worn the black off part of the space bar and three of the keys. I suppose I should be thankful that it gave me a good run. Perhaps the other Mac’s I’ve owned might have suffered the same fate but since the technology and speed increased so quickly I replaced them. Otherwise, I might have worn them out too. Anyway, if this is up on January 22 you will know I figured out a way to get it done.