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Dogs and cats have been domesticated for thousands of years. Dogs have always been considered man’s best friend.

The cat — not so much.


Dogs have the affection part of being a pet down pat. Our dogs all go nuts when we come home no matter how long we’ve been gone.

The sit on us, jump on us, they bring toys to us for playtime and tug of war.

They protect us from strangers that would do us harm and sound the alarm if they sense anything wrong.

They hunt with us, fish with us, walk with us, and chase Frisbees with us.

They sense when we are hurt or sick and even keep our blood pressure down according to some studies.

Most famous dogs — Lassie, Bullet, and Rin Tin Tin


Cats will seldom be compared to dogs in the affection category but some cats are very affectionate just the same.

Cats are way more independent than dogs. They want affection on their terms not yours.

They are very picky eaters and if you are forced into buying high end cat food they will starve before allowing you to even think about buying the cheap stuff.

I doubt any potential robber would be startled or fear for their lives encountering our cat.

But they will protect their territory from other cats usually outside the bedroom window about 2 AM.

While they won’t bring you toys or ask for playtime they will chase a laser light on the floor for hours.

Most famous cats Garfield, Morris The Cat (9 Lives Cat Food), and The Grumpy Cat

Some Final Thoughts

Toys for both cats and dogs are a shopping challenge. The dogs will eat most of the cat toys or anything with fur or feathers.

And the cat would never think of playing with a dog toy.

Cats hunt — just not with amateurs like you.

What’s your favorite — Cats or Dogs?

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