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Gianforte Wins, Election Not as Close as Most Predicted
There are still a few votes to be counted even after 3:00 a.m. the day after the Montana Special Election, but it's clear at this point that Republican Greg Gianforte has won the race, and by more than the five percent spread many had forecast.
Montanans Might Be Getting a Call from President Trump
"Honey, it's the phone. Don't worry, I will get it. Oh, hold on honey. It's President Trump; he wants to talk to you... I don't know he says he wants us to vote for Greg Gianforte... Okay, sorry Mr. President. Can I take a message?"
That is what I thought it might sound like when I read on …
How Star Trek Would Deal With Terrorism?
If you don't know Star Trek, you won't understand this story. I will try to explain it all to you.
The United Federation of Planets has humanoids from all over the galaxy. The humans are a humanoid species from the planet Earth. Vulcans are a humanoid species from the from planet Vulcan...
Dealing With Montana’s Growing Drug Problem
The drug problem seems to be getting worse. According to Attorney General Tim Fox, the drugs we are seeing on the streets are stronger than ever. As the Montana head of the Department of Justice, Fox is working hard on a plan to deal with it...

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