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Is This Paris Thing A Big Deal?
Tell people of the world that the climate is changing, using the same facts over and over, even if other facts are available, and eventually you win them over.
Governor Bullock Wants America to Pay India $2 Trillion
If you don't have anything good to say...don't say anything.
That's what I wish our governor, Steve Bullock, would have done. When President Trump pulled us out of the Paris Climate Agreement, I watched him on television explain why. I was shocked to find out America was going to be re…
A Comedy About a Crazy Italian Family Opens in Bozeman
Local theater is alive and well in Bozeman. A new production of the Broadway show Over The River and Through The Woods has just opened at the  Kaleidoscope Playhouse. It's a comedy about a young guy from New Jersey who has dinner every Sunday at his grandparents' house...

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