The Rapture Might Happen This Monday
Monday April 23, it's going to happen. According to a new theory the Rapture will occur this Monday. God and I think Jesus will come to earth. A three headed beast will fly down from the sky... Well it's all in the bible you can read it for yourself.
Stuff We Talked About on the Air
Want to see some of the things they talked about on AM 1450 KMMS? Check this page for some stuff they talked about on Dominick in the Morning , Open for Business with Tom Egelhoff and Gesundheit! With Jacobus.
Camping with Barbara Bush in Bear Country
As Barbara Bush explained in her memoir, “George decided that we should go camping in Glacier National Park in Montana. I was thrilled as I had never visited a national park. George also decided that we would sleep in a tent in the woods.”

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