Today Speaker John Boehner announced he is resigning his position as Speaker of the House and will resign his seat at the end of October. The following statement is from Rep. Ryan Zinke.

"My colleague Trey Gowdy once told me that the job of the Speaker of the House is among the most difficult in America, certainly the most difficult in Congress. The Speaker of the House is both the voice of the Majority Party and more importantly, is charged with protecting the sanctity of the institution as a whole.

"I believe Speaker Boehner's decision to resign was driven by his love of Country and commitment to restore America's greatness. It took great courage and one should be reminded that it was only John Boehner who could have brought Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and His Holiness Pope Francis to speak before Congress.

"Speaker Boehner often said being Speaker is like keeping 235 frogs in a wheelbarrow and getting them to the floor to vote before one hops out -- I've been one of the frogs to hop out a few times, and trust me, I get it.

"Going forward,  I will be looking for a Speaker who shows resolve against Barack Obama and the Washington bureaucrats who have hijacked the U.S. Constitution and saddled our children with debt and uncertainty. Like most American's, I want a leader who has the courage of conviction to keep America exceptional and create a future of promise rather than despair.

"Speaker Boehner showed that no man is above the institution and I have a great deal of respect for his decision. May God Bless John Andrew Boehner and may He guide us in our selection of the next Speaker."