On Air show from February 23, 2013.

This week my guest is Burke Lennihan, a health expert who has a very hands-on approach in helping others find fast-acting remedies for both home and office.

She recently finished her book called "Your Natural Medicine Cabinet – A Practical Guide to Drug-Free Remedies for Common Ailments"

A lot of Burke Lennihan's information is centered on homeopathy.

She hopes to demystify homeopathy by giving simple, practical how-to tips, and by using her top-10 remedies.

Segment 1
Jacobus introduces author and clinical health consultant Burke Lennihan.

Segment 2
Burke Lennihan discusses homeopathic remedies to rheumatoid arthritis, abnormal menstruation, and grief.

Segment 3
Burke Lennihan talks about cold remedies, pre- and post-surgery supplements, and proper dosages for homeopathic remedies.

Segment 4
Burke Lennihan discusses more of her favorite remedies including silica and gelsemium.

Segment 5
Jacobus and Burke Lennihan discuss more homeopathic remedies such as castor oil, bryonia, and hydrochloric acid.

Segment 6
Burke Lennihan rounds off her top ten list of homeopathic remedies and shares some thoughts on homeopathy.

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