Wikileaks is still causing stirs in our political affairs. In a recently released cable, a document written by Gene Cretz about Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi may cause Cretz to lose his role as Ambassador to Lybia. One might think Cretz wrote terrible things to cause his possible resignation but you won't believe what the sensitive material actually is.

Let us know what you think of this? Wouldn't the Libyan leader prefer to have an honest ambassador? If this is causing such a grea stir over mere gossipy topics, what would Qaddafi think if he read more relevant information that the ambassador has conveyed back to the U.S.?

AP -

Cretz had kept a relatively low profile in Libya until November, when WikiLeaks posted his assessments of Qaddafi's personal life and habits in a classified 2009 diplomatic cable.

Entitled "A Glimpse into Libyan Leader Qadhafi's Eccentrities," the secret document said Qaddafi "appears to have an intense dislike or fear of staying on upper floors, reportedly prefers not to fly over water, and seems to enjoy horse racing and flamenco dancing." It also discussed Qaddafi's long-time reliance on a Ukrainian nurse named Galyna who the cable said had been described as a "voluptuous blonde."