Aaahhh yes, the EPIC DRUM Battle... It's a part of rock, jazz and nearly all other forms of music. I honestly don't know why we're drawn to people pounding on things, but we are.

I once played in a rock band and one of the "older" guys once said to me, "It's OK for you guys to play 'air guitar' when you go to a show, you look almost cool... But if I play 'air drums,' people call an ambulance because it looks like I'm having some kind of a fit!"

What can I say, drummers are weird... Enjoy the videos.

Buddy Rich vs. Animal

Pringles Percussion Prodigies -(yeah, I know they are selling me chips, but it's got me thinking about this stuff)

And as an added bonus Buddy Rich solo on the Muppet Show - NEVER hits a drum (except two strokes at the very end, but plays the tar of that theater and kit!)