Has anyone else noticed how warm it's been lately? Also, where is all the snow?

Compared to the historical average for the month of October in Bozeman, temperatures in October 2021 were almost three degrees warmer. The average temperature in October this year was 46.3 degrees. Warmer temperatures mean that much of the state is off to an early start when it comes to building a solid snowbase.

We reached out to the National Weather Service in Great Falls, Montana and spoke to Senior Meteorologist Paul Nutter.

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He told us the main reason we're experiencing warmer temperatures in Montana is due to a Pacific flow pattern across the Pacific Northwest, and that's where most of the moisture and precipitation is going. As a result, much of Montana has experienced mild and breezy conditions with little moisture. In southwest Montana, you'll see some snow on mountains, but the Northern Rockies and Bob Marshall Wilderness are still mostly bare.

Wildfire danger is still a concern due to the lack of precipitation and warm temperatures. Most of the recent wildfires that have been reported have been human-caused and are due to hunters leaving campfires unattended.

Nutter told us that there aren't any significant weather changes expected in the near future and the mild breezy conditions are expected to continue. The warmer weather could result in a late start for ski resorts in Montana.

There is some good news. It will gradually begin to get colder and above-average precipitation is expected this winter. It just might not get here as soon as it usually does. In the meantime, do a little snow dance!

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