Someone told Glenn Fry of Eagles fame that to be successful he would have to write his own songs. Fry’s reply, “Well, what if they’re bad.” The response, “Well, they’re gonna be bad, but keep writing and pretty soon you’ll write a good one.”

I guess the Eagle’s string of gold records speak for themselves.

In March I will have been blogging on KMMS for about 7 years. If you count the average book at about 250 pages then over that time I’ve written the equivalent of over 100 books.

And over those years I’ve written a few blogs that would kindly be called total junk but every now and then I’m inspired — and something good pops out.

If you think it’s easy to write something everyday then by all means give it a shot. Trust me, in about a week you’ll be totally out of ideas.

So a more appropriate title for my blog might be ...

“Where Do I Get Most Of My NEW Blog Ideas?”

Ideas can come from anywhere on almost any topic. I usually start my day checking Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram looking for what folks are talking about.

I’m not looking for mainstream stuff that has been done to death in the news but every now and then some obscure post or blog will talk about something out of the ordinary.

The ridiculous stuff happening on college campuses is always good but you can’t be a one trick pony. Few people check your blog if it’s the same old stuff on just one topic or point of view.

I read a lot of other blogs looking for points of view other bloggers might have missed.

Something about Montana or Bozeman and the surrounding area usually do well too. The City and County Commissioners often make me shake my head in disbelief and there’s usually plenty of blog inspiration there.

Some Final Thoughts

Things that come up from callers on my weekly radio show are often a good source. How many others think that way? Or is there another point of view for that topic.

One thing that often works best is just to stare at my blank screen then shut down and do something else for a while.

My subconscious mind will work on the puzzle and a couple of hours later I’ll have a eureka moment. Then tomorrow it starts all over again. What inspires you?

Comments below.

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