Electoral College Voters Cast Ballots Amid Protests
HARRISBURG, PA - DECEMBER 19: Donald Trump protestors demonstrate outside the Pennsylvania Capitol Building before electors arrive to cast their votes from the election December 19, 2016 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Electors from all 50 states cast votes today in their respective state capitols. Donald J. Trump won Pennsylvania by less than 1%, the first Republican to carry the state since George H. W. Bush in 1992. (Photo by Mark Makela/Getty Images)

Yesterday it became official. Donald J. Trump will be the next President of the United States. Democrat voters are beside themselves in disbelief.

I’m right there with them. I thought since day one that Hillary Clinton was unbeatable and said so many times on the air.

Did The Russians Really Cost Hillary Clinton The Election?

Not sure how you can make a case against the Russians since she won the popular vote by over 2 million votes. That doesn’t sound like too many voters crossed over to Trump.

Since the emails about the Clinton campaign were not disputed as fake or untrue you would think that voters all over the country would have been turned off by the info in those emails.

Meanwhile the ABC news clip of groping women, the anti-Muslim comments, should have sunk Trump no matter what the Russians did.

But that wasn’t the end result. The Democrat message simply did not resonate with the American voter and everyone, including me, missed it.

What Did We Miss?

Obviously I missed what the Democrat voters, the news media, and the pollsters all missed.

What we missed is the one group Hillary Clinton ignored and Donald Trump embraced — The Middle Class.

That non-existent, slowly declining, group of flyovers that pays most of government’s bills. Or tries to.

Instead Black Lives Matter, the LGBTQ community, college students, got all the press and support from the Democrat Party.

Nothing wrong with supporting those groups as long as the middle class got equal support for their views as well.

They didn’t.

What Did Trump See That Hillary Didn’t?

What Trump saw and spoke about ad nauseam was immigration, high taxes, jobs going overseas, people losing jobs to illegals, and stupid government regulations.

Things the middle class voter has to deal with every day.

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders both preached entitlements. Help for everyone from the government. Campaign tactics that worked for Bill Clinton in the 90s but fell on deaf ears in this election.

Trump preached that someone has to pay for that help and entitlements. And guess what group that would be?

The Bad Side of This Election

As sad as it is race, bigotry and phobias are alive and well in America. But this election separated the groups into “I have’s” and “I want what you haves.”

The “I haves” chose to keep what they have and voted accordingly.

This past election was the biggest upset in American political history.

Yet, I refuse to believe that race, bigotry or phobias had anything to do with it.

That’s just a real easy close the book justification on why one group lost.

If race or bigotry were an issue in America President Obama wouldn’t have been elected once — let alone twice.

Some Final Thoughts

No, this election was as simple as dollars and cents. I work and I want to enjoy the fruits of my labor.

Forced redistribution of even the poorest individuals wealth was soundly repudiated in this election.

More of the same was not what America wanted and they made a change. The quicker people accept that outcome the sooner things can get done.

No one is going to be happy with what any president does. You take the good with the bad.

In the long run hopefully we — working together — not a president — will make America greater than ever before.

Let’s all band together to make that happen.

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