Gravity is a force but may be a wave, physics professor Nico Yunes explained to me this morning. I've had been thinking - what is gravity? So, Professor Yunes was kind enough to join me.

Beyond, and for future conversations, Newton vs. Einstein (when you listen below it will become clear). Future talks are to follow Wednesday mornings at 8 a.m.

Next Wednesday, Nico and I discuss the nature of time.

Other topics to be discussed:
-What is a black hole? (and black hole related topics)
-What is a neutron star? (and neutron star related topics)
-What is a gravitational wave? (and wave related topics)
-What is the Big Bang? (and cosmology related topics)
-How do we know what we know in physics?
-What is the best way to make progress in physics?

Earn a physics degree as you listen!