Over the weekend Press Sec. Sarah Huckabee Sanders (above) and her party were asked to leave the Red Hen Restaurant in Virginia because she works for the president.

The Press Secretary is a hired position appointment by the President of the United States.

It’s not a position where many apply, and few are chosen. It takes a special person to deal with the US press corp.

But putting all that aside it’s still a job. Just like any job and like any job you’re not always in charge of how the job is done. You have superiors to answer to.

So why would someone ask anyone to leave a restaurant because of their job? I hate bricklayers — Get OUT!

Right To Refuse Service

At one time in the US many places of business had signs posted that said, We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

In most cases that sign prohibited protected classes like race, religion, color, national origin, from entering the business.

As it turns out the Red Hen was within its rights to refuse service to Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Under federal anti-discrimination laws, businesses can refuse service to any person for any reason, unless the business is discriminating against a protected class.

At the national level, protected classes include: Race or color. National origin or citizenship status.

State levels usually add gender orientation.

Since Sarah Sanders is not a protected class the restaurant had every right to force her to leave simply because they didn’t agree with her politics.

And the restaurant would be forced to deal with any consequences of their actions if there are any.

What About Gallatin, Madison and Park Counties?

What if you were asked to leave a restaurant in our pristine valley because you were a Tester supporter or a Rosendale supporter?

Suppose it even got more politically correct. People start checking the parking lot for bumper stickers before you even get inside the restaurant.

Pro-Life or Pro-Choice, NRA, 2nd amendment, Gay Rights, immigration, whatever. How would you feel living in a world like that?

This one action at the Red Hen Restaurant opens a whole new level of lifestyle no matter where you live.

Homeland Security Sec. Kirstjen Nielsen was harassed outside her home. Pam Bondi, AG of Florida was surrounded by a mob at a movie theatre.

Maxine Waters, Congressional Representative of California, is calling for people to get in the faces of anyone whose politics or views are different from hers.

Sadly, this is only the beginning.

Some Final Thoughts

Where would this end? A list at the door of preferred customers by political or social program choice? Dinning out might be a thing of the past for some people based on the kind of pet they have.

Freedom had its definition radically changed this weekend by the actions at the Red Hen.

You’re no longer free to believe and walk the streets of America and have your view respected. Believe my way or the highway is the new First Amendment in America.

What if you were asked to leave a Bozeman restaurant? Would you?

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