Every now and then there are facts that just don’t fit any specific category. Above and beyond that is the fact they are all very hard to believe.

Here are some facts that amazed me and probably will amaze you too.

Unbelievable Fun Facts

  • Maybe in today’s climate, the fact that the Pentagon actually has a plan for combating a zombie apocalypse might not be so far fetched.
  • The only two birthday parties mentioned in the Bible ended with murder. As a result, Jehovah’s Witnesses don’t celebrate their birthdays. I guess I save on the cost of a gift.
  • Not saying that the Iranian government is paranoid, but arresting 14 squirrels for spying as they did in 2007 makes a strong case.
  • Two years later in 2009, the Nigerian government arrested a goat on suspicion of attempted armed robbery. No info as to the weapon or what was taken.
  • Rabies is dangerous. I guess that’s why Louis Pasteur determined that if he or any of his staff became infected while working on the vaccine they would be shot in the head.
  • A man in India has 39 wives and 94 children all under one roof. I can’t even imagine the wait for the bathroom.
  • Obama won it; Gandhi didn’t. What am I talking about? — the Nobel Peace Prize. Gandhi was nominated five times without winning. That’s just wrong on so many levels.
  • In labor news history tells up that slaves built part of the White House. No chance of any slave labor wages there today.
  • There is one born every minute. How much would you pay for a piece of art you couldn’t see? In 2011 a woman paid $10,000. I guess there is no way to show it off.
  • Commerce must go on. In 2011 a man killed his wife in the Walmart where she was working. Close the store? Hah, not on your life. The blood and gore remained in a roped off area while authorities investigated.
  • In 2006, The FBI planted an informant masquerading as a radical Muslim in a local mosque to see what information might surface. The Muslims in the mosque turned the guy into the FBI as being dangerous.
  • Do you suffer from Ailurophobia — the fear of cats? Many in history had feline fear. Alexander the Great, Napoleon, Mussolini and Hitler all has a fear of cats.

Some Final Thoughts

It’s a strange and beautiful world we live in, and there are some incredible people in it, along with many unbelievable facts.

One last one to leave you with: If you travel to Texas, please remember that it’s against the law to kill Big Foot — if you happen to find him or her that is.

Someone is always putting a damper on our fun.

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