When I was growing up, my Grandpa Wolf had a saying, whenever it was time for dessert and pie was on the menu he would always say, "I only like two kinds of pie hot and cold." Grandpa is no longer with us, however, he did pass down a couple of things to his grandkids. The old "pull my finger" trick, and his love of pie.

Today, as I'm sure many of you are aware is "National Pi Day" or 3.14 however, we won't be discussing math in this article. No, today we're going to discuss pie.

Apple Pie

I'm not sure who was the first person to actually create pie but bless their hearts. I can't think of anything more delicious. Don't get me wrong, I'm a foodie, and there isn't a whole lot that I won't eat if you put it in front of me, but pie...well, pie is my favorite.

Oh and much like Grandpa Wolf, I'll eat it hot and cold.

When it comes to pie, what do folks from Montana prefer? A fruit pie? What about coconut, banana, or chocolate cream? Of course around the Holidays, pumpkin and pecan are must-haves, but on any given day, if a piece of pie was an option, which flavor would you go with?

We had several folks speak up and let us know what they preferred. There were a few votes for Key Lime Pie, which is a favorite of mine. Lemon Meringue was mentioned, as was Rhubarb Custard, and Strawberry Rhubarb. Peach Pie made the list and so did Blackberry Pie.

Did you know that Montana's favorite pie is a fruit pie?

Photo by Elena Sambros on Unsplash
Photo by Elena Sambros on Unsplash

Apple? No. Well, it has to be cherry right?  I mean, the best cherries in the world are Flathead cherries, so it's cherry pie then? Nope. According to Taste of Home and Google Trends for 2021 the pie Montanans love the most is...

Huckleberry pie.

So what do you think? Do you agree with the information? Is huckleberry pie, the preferred pie in Montana? Full disclosure, I've never had huckleberry pie, but I'm guessing I would like it. I like huckleberries and I like pie, so logically I'd be a fan, right?

Let's face it, pie is a big thing here in Montana, I mean there is an actual "pie trail" in the central part of the state. Plus, there are several places here in Bozeman and the surrounding areas where you can get a great piece of pie. Folks rave about the pies from places like The Coffee Pot, The Western, The Wild Crumb, and Iron Horse Cafe and Pie Shop out in Three Forks.

Homemade Chocolate Cream Pie

So what do you say we celebrate National Pi Day with a piece of pie. Heck, maybe have two. I won't tell.

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