I know, I know, you're sick of reading articles about stuff that's being cancelled due to COVID-19. I'm sick of writing them! I get it! Doesn't change the fact that these events are being cancelled though, so probably best to get the info out there so you can get your plans ready for 2021.

The Three Forks Rodeo WAS originally scheduled to take place in July, before they postponed it with a new date, scheduled for August 28th, and 29th. Now, they've finally pulled the plug, largely because the city believes it's unlikely that Montana will be in Phase Three of its reopening by that point.

They announced the cancellation on Facebook, but noted that the rodeo WILL be back in 2021. In the meantime, in an attempt to make some money now that this year's rodeo isn't happening, they're launching an online virtual raffle featuring a variety of different prizes.

It's been such a bummer to see so many of these kind of events try to hang on - maybe by postponing for a few weeks or months, before eventually having to call it quits. Hopefully, the Three Forks Rodeo will make good on their promise for a bigger, better rodeo in 2021. We're gonna need some real entertainment next year to make up for how barren 2020 has been.

Were you planning on heading to the Three Forks Rodeo?

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