Almost all of us love a good conspiracy theory, right?

In fact, the more ridiculous they are, the more attention they seem to receive. So, when I came across a post on Reddit talking about the biggest conspiracies in Bozeman, I stopped what I was doing and started reading. What I came across was...well, something else.

Now keep in mind that these are the opinions of folks on the internet, and as we all know, everything on the internet needs to be taken with a grain of salt.

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Conspiracy Theory Number One

Several Bozeman businesses were mentioned as possible fronts for money laundering. This one made me laugh, a lot. It seems that some folks just can't comprehend the fact that a business can exist just because they don't frequent it, or the business doesn't offer a product that they'd be interested in. So what is one of the major qualifications to make the list of possible money laundering businesses? Apparently not taking debit or credit cards.

Conspiracy Theory Number Two

Did you know that many folks believe it doesn't snow as much as it used to because they shut down a smelting plant? The theory is that when the Anaconda Smelting Plant was open, the particles from the process would seed the clouds, which would then turn into snow. It seems this theory has been around for a while, and it is popular with the "old timers".

Conspiracy Theory Number Three

This third and final conspiracy is my absolute favorite. They say in order for it to be a great conspiracy theory, there needs to be a bit of truth involved. Now, I'm not saying there is any indisputable truth with this one, does make you wonder a little bit. The theory is that the rich and famous developed a plan back in the 1990s to overtake the area and drive out the locals. According to the theory, the wealthy are and will continue buying up all the land—both private and public—in order to create a "playground for billionaires".


There you have it, the top 3 conspiracy theories about Bozeman. What is your favorite Bozeman conspiracy theory?

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