Nothing is scarier than the unknown. The Air Force’s Blue Book Project, ghosts, zombies, little green men from Mars, chem-trails, government spying on us.

Orson Welles scared the entire nation with a radio show. People were sure that Ronald Reagan would push the nuclear button and annihilate us all.

Yet none of the aforementioned fears come anywhere close to the fear I see for Donald Trump both on TV and in social media.

The list of celebrities ready to leave for Canada grows by the day. The fact that they all want to go to Canada rather than Mexico is very telling.

Do We Fear The Person?

Those fearful of a Trump presidency might have good grounds. Trump has done what no other politician in modern political history has ever done.

He has no real staff, no army of volunteers, no big dollars spent on advertising, yet he has totally vanquished 15-16 other GOP competitors with all those things.

Going into the primary and debate season most people would not have given Donald Trump a chance in a million to be the last man standing.

Yet, here we are, a few months later, and he would seem to be the presumptive GOP nominee.

What did he bring to the table that the other candidates lacked? Almost all of the opposition candidates spent many more dollars than Trump.

But the most obvious answer is that Trump formulated a message that resonated with GOP voters. And it was not a boring establishment message. Trump said out loud what rank and file voters were privately thinking.

He gave people permission to be politically incorrect. To defend their personal beliefs even when vilification and personal, and physical attacks would be the response from those with opposing views.

Unlike other politicians — Trump walked the walk.

Or, Do We Fear His Policies?

Trump wants a wall on the southern border; Trump wants to end our trade imbalance with China and other trading partners.

Trump wants to bring jobs back to America. Trump wants a moratorium on bringing overseas money back to the US.

Trump wants a simplified tax plan. Trump want Obamacare replaced with something more workable.

Trump wants a temporary ban on Middle East refugees until they can be properly vetted.

Trump wants to go after ISIS and eliminate them.

Not sure I see any scary proposals there that will send me screaming toward either border.

Some Final Thoughts

How did the Trump cream rise to the top? I think Trump won the GOP nomination in the first week after he declared his candidacy.

He did what no other politician had ever done. When confronted for his beliefs he didn’t walk anything back.

He lost his TV show, several sponsors, Univision, the Miss America Pageant, yet he stood his ground. He obviously lost millions in revenue.

He also said he was self-funding his campaign. Who has ever done that in the modern era of American Politics?

Whether he funds his own campaign or not doesn’t really matter. The message to voters was clear.

The perception of a politician that can’t be bought by special interests also resonated clearly with voters.

He became the blue-collar millionaire candidate. The champion of the little guy. The one and only Republican politician so far that will do what he say’s he will do.

What’s your opinion?

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