If you are looking for a great place to hang out, drink for cheap, and get away from the busy crowds, a dive bar is the best place. 

Dive bars are pretty standard in Montana; picking one above the rest is a tricky situation. There are dive bars spread out in Montana, from the big cities to the small, humbled towns. Dive bars are for everyone, and that's what makes them great. The question is, where is the best dive bar in Montana? 

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Mediafeed published a list of the Must-Visit Dive Bars in Every State, and Montana it's an iconic dive bar. The must-visit dive bar in Montana is The Rhino in Missoula, Montana.

The Rhino via Facebook
The Rhino via Facebook

The Rhino in Missoula is one of their iconic downtown bars. The Rhino is known for two things, over fifty beers on tap and daily drink specials. I've been to The Rhino a few times, and it lives up to its reputation. 

We've talked about recently who has the better downtown, Bozeman or Missoula, but if there is one thing Bozeman has over Missoula, we have a better collection of dive bars. 

For instance, The Crystal in downtown Bozeman has a legendary power hour. Then there is The Molly Brown, whose dive bar includes many pool tables, cheap drinks, and live poker. My favorite dive bar has to be The Hideaway. The Hideaway has delicious food, great drink specials, and a great place to watch sports. 

Either way, dive bars are a place to be appreciated by everyone. Dive bars are for people who want to get away from the raucous crowds. 

So why not check out a dive bar this weekend with some friends? 

For more details, check out Mediafeed

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