The “100 Deadly Days of Summer…” Sounds a little daunting, doesn’t it? Montana Highway Patrol Chief Colonel Tom Butler said Memorial Day weekend is the traditional start of this fatal period where there tends to be highest number of roadway fatalities in Montana.

"We have a colossal lack of poor decision making right now relating to seatbelt use in Montana," Col. Butler said. "So far this year, 33 people have died in crashes that were not wearing their seatbelts. It's such a simple fix. It just drives us crazy to see the amount of deaths this year that were not wearing a seatbelt."

Col. Butler said 70 percent of fatal crashes in 2015 included passengers who were not wearing their seatbelt. As of Monday, Col. Butler says there have been 61 crash fatalities.

"One second click of the seatbelt can mean the difference between life or death or mean the difference between a lifelong critical injury that affects you everyday for the rest of your life," Col. Butler said. "You wouldn't think that we needed a law for something as this is. It's free life insurance while you're driving down the road...That simple click of a seatbelt."

Col. Butler said extra patrols from the Montana Highway Patrol will be on the road with an increased focus on seat belt use in the weeks leading up to Memorial Day.

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