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On Air Show from March 9, 2013.

During this show it will be you and I tackling many important health issues.

Some of the topics I have on tap are:
* New studies on Mammograms and Breast Cancer;
* The important health benefits of Sulphur;
* Misconceptions about our food supply;
* And, …I would like to talk some more about men’s hormones.

With so many amazing people doing research on how to improve life, I invite you to also contribute with what’s on your mind

Segment 1

Segment 2
Jacobus discusses the benefits of high levels of testosterone in older men, and healthy levels of different kinds of hormones.

Segment 3
Jacobus answers calls about DHEA, the dangers of imbalanced hormones, and the importance of blood tests in maintaining proper levels of testosterone and other important hormones.

Segment 4
A caller asks about Human Growth Hormone for women, and Jacobus takes a comment on the health risks of alcohol and comments on raw milk.

Segment 5
Jacobus discusses government influence in the production of milk and eggs. He also talks about naturopathic doctors, breast health, and female sexual dysfunction.

Segment 6
A state legislator calls about a bill on raw milk. Jacobus discusses women's breast health and the controversy about mammograms and breast cancer.

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