When you get married, you take the other person for richer or poorer, right? Well, with wedding season itching closer than the space between belly button and cummerbund, you might want to know just how rich and how poor you’re talking about before exchanging "I dos."

A new survey from COUNTRY Financial found that only 51% of couples discussed how they would manage their money before tying the knot.

The poll focused on 2,000 married Americans. Here are some other interesting findings from the survey:

* 86% say they are truthful when discussing their financial situation while engaged

* 71% of couples decided to handle their finances together

* 21% of couples handle their finances on a partially joint basis

* 8% handle their finances separately

* 26% say it was tough going from handling finances as a single person to handling them as a couple

* 31% say the most recent recession has caused friction in their marriage

* 73% of people who married before December 2007 have totally joint finances

* 56% of people who married after December 2007 have totally joint finances

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