Maybe it's time for me to stretch out and finally get back into skiing next year. These skis sound amazing. 

Olympic Gold Medalist skier Bode Miller has opened a ski company here in Bozeman, in the Four Corners area. Peak Ski Company is a direct-to-consumer company, which means you won't be able to find these skis anywhere but their shop. Peak skis aim to make the best performance skis for any style of asking. Need skis for backcountry, slopestyle, or competitions? Peak Ski Company has you covered. 

Bode Miller is one of the most recognizable faces and names for skiers in United States Olympics history. The six-time medalist, including the gold in the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, Bode Miller, has tried the best skis in the world, and now he wants to create the best skis for professionals and casual skies. 

Photo Shoot with US Ski Team
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Right now, Peak Ski Company has six different models of skis to purchase way before the 2022-2023 ski season. All the skis cost $890, and you can reserve the skis that perfectly fit you for $50. 

Bode Miller has been a resident in Big Sky for a few years, and it's awesome to see that he opened his shop right here in Bozeman. It's a great idea, especially with two world-class ski resorts, Big Sky Resort and Bridger Bowl, nearby. 

Maybe this will help push me to get back into skiing this next season, and who wouldn't want to try skis that were made by one of the best skiers in United States Olympic history. I bet they shred on the mountain. 

For more details, check out Peak Ski Company

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