The U.S. Senate could not muster enough votes to override President Obama’s Veto on the Keystone XL pipeline today. Senator Steve Daines tried to rally votes, accusing the president of political games.

"The President is standing in the way of jobs. He's standing in the way of affordable energy. He's standing in the way of our nation's energy security," Daines said. "His recent veto threat, and now carrying through with the veto, sends a clear message that he's more concerned with political games than increasing opportunity for the American people."

Daines also said that President Obama had his facts wrong.

"The President was just given four Pinocchio's for claiming that the Keystone pipeline bypasses the U.S.," Daines said. "I'd like to have the President come out to Montana. I'll pick him up in Billings. We'll drive out in my pickup and I'll show him where the proposed siting is for the Baker on-ramp where 100,000 barrels a day of made-in-Montana, made-in-North Dakota oil will enter the Keystone pipeline."

When the senate failed to override the President’s veto, Daines issued a statement saying he would "keep pressure on the Obama administration."

"It’s disappointing that some of my Democrat Senate colleagues failed to stand with a majority of the Senate and the American people to override the President’s short-sighted veto of the Keystone XL pipeline," Daines said. "Regardless of today’s vote, the fight to build Keystone is not over. I will continue to keep pressure on the Obama administration to approve this pipeline and fight for American jobs, American opportunity and American energy independence."

It is unclear if another veto override will be attempted in the near future.

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