Update: The suspect behind the abandoned chicken trailer, 42-year-old Christopher Hall, on Friday evening, September 26 by Meridian police.

The trailer was abandoned four to five weeks ago and is being dealt with by the Missoula City-County Health Department, but the semi truck was recently found in Nampa.

According to NBC Montana, "officers located the stolen semi truck abandoned in the Wal-Mart parking lot in the 5800 block of E Franklin Rd. in Nampa," yesterday evening just before 6 p.m.

According to police from Nampa, the driver of the stolen semi is still on the loose. The drivers name is Christopher L. Hall, a suspect with a long criminal record who is described described as a white male, 6’1”, 240 pounds with brown hair and blue eyes.

The chicken was valued at $80,000 and the semi truck at over $160,000 so Mr. Hall's actions will likely justify charges of Felony theft at least.

Below is the press release sent out by Nampa Police:


On August 27, 2014, the Nampa Police Department received a report of a possible stolen semi-truck and trailer. A local trucking company reported that a driver employed by their company had not made a delivery of a load of frozen chicken and was several days overdue. The trailer was recently discovered in a truck stop west of Missoula Montana. The whereabouts of the driver and tractor remain unknown.

On September 9 2014, Nampa Police listed the truck as a stolen vehicle. It was not immediately entered into the National Crime Information Center computers due to questions regarding the criminal nature of the circumstances. Since that time, detectives had been working with the owners to locate their property. The load was picked up on August 20 in Springdale, Arkansas and was scheduled for delivery on August 21 in Kent Washington.

As of August 27, the load had not yet arrived. When the trailer was found in Montana earlier this week, the refrigerated freight hauler had thawed and the load had spoiled. The owners valued the 37,000- pound load at $80,000 and the 2013 Volvo truck at $160,000. Nampa Police Detectives learned that 42-year-old Christopher L. Hall, the driver of the stolen truck, has an extensive criminal history and is currently wanted for a Federal parole violation. He is now also being sought in connection for the theft of the Volvo tractor. Nampa Police are asking for help in locating the truck and the driver.

The truck is listed as a 2013 Volvo tractor-trailer, blue in color. A pictured is attached. Christopher L. Hall is listed at a white male, , 6’1”, 240 pounds with brown hair and blue eyes. A recent photo of Hall is also attached.

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