Some Missoula-area law enforcement have reportedly been given notice that they will need to work on October 18, in expectation of a visit from President Donald Trump. Though the visit hasn’t been officially confirmed, the rumor is widespread. In fact, it’s a rumor the president’s own son, Eric Trump has heard and responded to during an interview during an interview on KGVO’s Montana Morning Thursday.

President Trump Holds Rally In Great Falls, Montana
Getty Images/Justin Sullivan

“You know, I have heard the rumors,” Eric Trump said, “He loves the state, we all love the state and he won the state very decisively, but more than anything, honestly, it’s a place we connect to: it’s amazing people, hardworking people, it’s true America. We love the outdoors out there… all the time I’ve spent fishing and hunting out there, it’s just a place that we have tremendous love for.”

Though the Trumps may love Montana, they don’t seem to have the same affinity for Democrat Incumbent Jon Tester.

“It’s a state that we care about deeply and it’s one of the most important states in the country politically right now, all eyes are on Montana and you have the race… you saw what happened last week, Tester voted against Kavanaugh,” Trump said. “Tester has been voting against every tax cut that my father has wanted to through and my father has put through successfully. He’s been a disaster on guns, you know, the NRA just downgraded him to a D, he’s kind of been a big outdoorsman, but he’s been a disaster for outdoorsmen , you know, he says he’s a hunter but he’s hasn’t had a hunting license in what, nine out of the last twelve years… the guy has been a total disaster.”

Eric Trump says he will likely be out to Montana himself “before the midterms” and then “quite a bit before 2020,” but did not confirm another visit from the President. Despite responses to many other questions, people in the president's campaign team have been oddly silent to questions about a Missoula appearance.

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