According to the latest news, impeachment of President Trump seems to be off the table for the moment. That may change between now and November elections.

If the Democrats win back the house, then there has been talk from a lot of extreme Democrats who feel Trump is not a legitimate president elected in 2016 that impeachment is needed.

But even further left leaning groups feel that since Trump was not the legitimate president at least according to them that everything Trump has done up to now needs to be reversed and his presidency annulled.

You have to give them points for creativity.

I’ve perused the constitution and I don’t find much that covers the annulment of a president. In fact, I didn’t find anything about presidential annulment.

I suppose that if the Trump presidency was illegitimate then Pence would be fruit of the poisonous tree as well.

Democrats assume that annulment would install Hillary Clinton as the 45th president and she could choose to keep the good things and trash whatever she or Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders don’t want.

Refill The Swamp

Would any of Trump’s cabinet heads remain? Very doubtful. All the FBI, CIA, people would still be employed or re-employed.

I doubt Hillary would want Comey back. Brennen would get his top-secret clearance back Peter Strzok and Lisa Page would be welcomed back with open arms and possibly a tickertape parade.

Some Final Thoughts

I guess we’ll never know because the legality of a presidential annulment would be a nightmare to unravel. What was signed and when, who was elected and when.

What to keep and what to trash and how does that legally fit?

It’s fun to think about but there is virtually no chance of it every happening. Even if by some bazzarro universe standard it did happen it would for sure end up in the Supreme Court.

Would that take Gorsuch off the court since he was tainted by Trump?

As you can see there are no easy answers, but it is fun to consider.

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