Patriotism is Emotion

On the 15th Anniversary of the the events across the Nation: New York City, Pentagon and Shanksville, PA; It remains difficult to write about this. I lost friends in the Twin Towers, know people that lost loved ones in D.C. and can show you Shanksville on a map, being a Pittsburgh boy.

Am I emotional today; OH, HELL YES!

But OUR love of county, is being exploited by both sides of the political aisle.

One party wraps themselves in the Flag, with hand over heart, and dutifully sings the anthem -- knows the original version of The Pledge of Allegiance. The other, not so much --  must be damn commies.

Expressions of Patriotism

The very ideal of Patriotism is very personal, yet: Flag, Anthem, depth of knowledge of the Constution, Bill of Rights and other assorted nonsense have been rolled into our collective consciousness to be expressions of how patriotic we are.

Who are we as Americans if we can sing the first verse of the nation anthem at a Bobcat football game, yet deny a stranger a glass of water? How are we as citizens, knowing the Bill of Rights, when a neighbor goes hungry?

We are viewed and reviewed by our adaptation to societal norms, even when it comes to our patriotism. Yet, this very process is the antithesis of our way of life.

The flag is a piece of cloth, the national anthem is a song and the constution is a piece of paper.

True Patriotism is giving to others, helping when you see a need, lending that helping hand -- True Patriotism is rarely, if ever acknowledged, but give it a try.

Unwarap yourself from 'The Flag.'



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