If you have a newer car, particularly a GM car, you may be among millions of drivers who have OnStar service, which provides vehicle diagnostics, driving directions and even automated 911 calls. But you may not realize that OnStar not only tracks your location, but collects, packages and sells such data on all of its subscribers. The information is valuable to marketers. Now, New York Senator Charles Schumer wants the Federal Trade Commission to investigate the use of such sensitive information. OnStar recently decided to continue collecting information even on drivers who have canceled their subscriptions. OnStar is owned by GM, but can be installed on any vehicle.

Do you have OnStar and are you worried about your privacy. Let me know what you think.


  • Do you think this practice is an invasion of your privacy?
  • Do you worry about how such data about you might be used?
  • How much are you concerned about the increasing collection and use of personal information about you?

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