Montana Democrats have a surprisingly competitive primary for governor in Montana.

Casey Schreiner is the Democrat House Minority Leader with labor connections out of Great Falls. Mike Cooney is the current lieutenant governor (Governor Bullock's third LG in under 8 years). And Whitney Williams is the very well connected daughter of former Democrat Congressman Pat Williams (D-MT) and former state senate Democrat leader Carol Williams (she's also connected to Hillary Clinton).

Williams also posted some very strong fundraising numbers recently, although she got a lot of money from out of state. But from an outside perspective it certainly seems as if she has the momentum in the Democrat primary.

Just before the weekend kicked off, though, liberal Senator Jon Tester (D-MT) made it clear that he's not "with her." Tester endorsed Lt. Governor Mike Cooney.

Why would Tester jump in and endorse Cooney? I thought it was interesting what University of Montana Political Science Professor Rob Saldin had to say on Montana Public Radio:

SALDIN: I think, you know, both Bullock and Tester have some debts to pay to Cooney.


Why is this interesting? Remember, Cooney was Governor Bullock's third LG in his first term in office. Cooney was brought in after Bullock kicked his female LG to the curb. Now, Bullock and Tester appear to be working to kick Whitney Williams to the curb because they have "some debts to pay Cooney."

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