The front page of the Glendive Ranger-Review has a great story about the Miss Montana to Normandy Flight set to take off for the 75th Anniversary of D-Day, and how a Glendive veteran will be honored on the flight.

As Cindy Mullet reports for the Ranger-Review, it all started when Delores Copping was tuning in to our statewide radio show hosted by Aaron Flint:

Several months ago Delores Copping was listening to the morning radio show, “Montana Talks” when she heard something about “Miss Montana.” She thought it was about the Miss Montana pageant hosted in Glendive every year so started listening and quickly realized she had the wrong idea, she said.

When Delores realized what this Miss Montana story was about, she wanted to learn more. Her husband, Chuck Copping who died in December 2004, made four combat jumps during World War II: Sicily, Salerno, Normandy and Holland, she said.

Click here for the full story. Thanks to our friends at KXGN Radio and TV in Glendive for sharing this story with us.

Here's a screenshot of the front page of the Glendive Ranger-Review:

Courtesy screenshot of Glendive Ranger-Review front page.
Courtesy Bryan Douglass