If Newt Gingrich somehow manages to get elected in 2012, there's a good chance the White House will be hearing a lot more ABBA in the hallways.

According to the LA Times, Gingrich's speech in Ames, Iowa, was interrupted Thursday when his cell phone went off. The ringtone: ABBA's 'Dancing Queen.'

Though most grown men might be embarrassed by this revelation, Gingrich brushed it off with pride, telling the audience he's a huge fan of the movie 'Mamma Mia!' and that a staff member had programmed 'Dancing Queen' onto his phone.

"When they do 'Dancing Queen' in the movie, I just think it's a great sequence. I love that sequence -- the energy and the excitement," he said.

Gingrich added that his wife's ringtone is also an ABBA song, though he wouldn't reveal which one it was.