A new Paragon Insights poll of 668 likely Montana Voters shows a plurality of opposition to proposed new EPA regulations on carbon emissions from power plants. While 39 percent supported the regulations, 49 percent opposed.

"It's mostly unpopular out there," said Count on Coal spokesman Charles Denowh. "The results are not surprising. There's strong opposition to the regulations. Primarily people are concerned about the loss of jobs and the reliability of our energy supply; people are worried about blackouts, brownouts, and losing consistent reliable power."

Denowh says these findings match-up well with the findings of other studies.

"Last week we saw a study put out by an independent group that tried to forecast how electricity prices would be effected if this rule were to be put into effect. Montana is one of the hardest hit states, we can expect prices to go up as much as 20 percent in Montana if this rule goes forward."

Those in favor of the regulations cited reduced greenhouse gas emissions, improved green technology, and solidarity with other countries in fighting global climate change as major reasons for supporting the new regulations.


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