Let's be honest here if you have an entrepreneurial spirit, living in the Bozeman area could end up being pretty lucrative, especially if you come up with the right business idea.  Bozeman and the surrounding area are growing quickly and more and more people with money are flocking to our area, which is resulting in certain needs for people of a certain lifestyle....ie, really rich people.

So, what's my idea?

First off, thanks for asking, and full disclosure here, it really isn't my idea, I stole it from someone else, but there isn't anything like it here in the area that I'm aware of. Apparently in New York City really wealthy people actually pay folks to stand in line for them. According to the Guardian, a man named Robert Samual who used to sell mobile phones came up with the idea, and it's turned into a money-making machine.

Yep. He camps out in line and makes up to a thousand bucks a day doing so.

So, what does a dude in New York City standing in line have to do with us here in Bozeman?  Well, let's be honest, getting into a restaurant here in Bozeman or the Big Sky area on a weekend night can end up being a multiple-hour wait.  Let's say you are someone fancy who has a home here in the area and really don't care to stand in line with the "normal folk", so you hire someone to stand in line for you. When it's close to your turn, they text you, you show up, boom.  Done.

Large group of people waiting in line

Is it ridiculous? Absolutely, but rich people do ridiculous things all the time and if someone is willing to put in a little time standing in line, they could potentially make a whole lot of money. Think about this for a moment.  Folks like Tom Brady and Giselle, Justin Timberlake, and Jessica Biel live either part-time or full-time in our area.  They don't have the time or the desire to mingle with the "people" waiting in line for a dinner, a concert, or some sort of performance.  However, they certainly have the money to pay someone that is willing to do so.

Everyone wants a piece of her - Celebrity Lifestyle
Jacob Wackerhausen

I mean I realize this is out-of-the-box thinking, but people are paying top dollar in our area to walk their dogs and pick up dog poo.  Rich folks don't want to be bothered by everyday tasks like waiting in line for something.

So, if you enjoy standing around and being outdoors, this could a perfect side hustle.

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