Some people think if you smoke too much pot it will hurt your memory. Montana officials may agree with that because almost half the medical marijuana providers seem to have forgotten to paid their taxes.
This week on Dominick In The Morning the owner of Spark 1, a medical marijuana store in Bozman, explained that some other providers are kind of use to the outlaw lifestyle. They need to understand that being medical marijuana provider is a job. They need to file papers, keep track of sales, pay the eclectic bill and, oh yes, pay tax.
The Billings Gazette reports that the Montana Department of Revenue received $207,000 which is less than the $395,000 collected in October. The Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services, says 611 providers are registered.

Medical marijuana providers are currently taxed 4 percent on all gross receipts. The tax will be reduced to 2 percent in July. This week revenue department officials say they are sending out reminder letters for them to pay their taxes.

In other words: Dude, pay your taxes or we will narc on you... my mouth is so dry!


Medical Marijuana
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