Montana Democrat Jon Tester was one of only 18 U.S. Senators  who voted "Nay" today, January 22, on a cloture vote that will allow the federal government to reopen until February 8.

81 Senators supported the cloture motion, including Montana Republican Steve Daines.

All in all, only Senators from 11 different states voted Nay, including Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, California, Vermont, Massachusetts, Hawaii, Oregon, Nevada, Kentucky, Utah, and, of course, Montana.

Tester was on the other side of the fence just five years ago when he was urging a continuing resolution to prevent a government shutdown, at the time, Tester went so far as to support the "End Government Shutdowns Act" with Ohio Republican Rob Portman. Back in 2013 (see video below), Tester accused republicans of "playing politics" and called for "an end to the brinkmanship."

The full U.S. Senate roll call can be viewed here. Tester explained his vote on his website this way:

"Montanans deserve better. A short-term, 17-day budget is no way to run a household or business, and it certainly isn't an acceptable way to run a government. We are once again seeing a failure of leadership in Washington and I will keep fighting tooth and nail for a long-term budget that funds Montana's rural health clinics, strengthens border security, and provides our military with the certainty they need to keep our nation safe. While many people wanted to make this about immigration, this was always about Montana for me and I just won't allow Washington to keep failing our state."


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