Montana is one of the few states that lets school boards give permission to carry guns in class. Twelve other states also do this, and Utah, for the past 10 years, allowed staff to carry guns.
The Billings Gazette reported that only three schools in all of Montana have armed staffers. What will it take for more staffers at schools in this state to carry arms? While some schools on the East Coast have metal detectors and search everyone who enters the building, we don't do that here.
We feel safe in Bozeman. Yet, just last week, Bozeman High School was in a lockdown because the school feared a student would do violence. Also it is a lot easier to get a weapon in Montana than other places. Kids grow up with guns in their families. We are big supporters of gun rights. It is not crazy to think a gun could easily fall into the hands of a student, a student who might bring it to school and hurt someone or hurt everyone.
In other states that are very anti-gun, they tell teachers if someone is in school with a gun shooting people to close the classroom door and put something in front of it. So someone is roaming the halls shooting people and teachers are told close the door?
But we here in Montana we have the right to arm ourselves. We are not scared of guns like people in other states. I would want a teacher to protect his or her classroom and if it meant using a gun, that would be perfectly acceptable.
The state is smart enough to know a weapon in the hands of a good person is better than a weapon in the hands of an evil person. Montana gets it. Now if only school boards and teachers would get it. Maybe have two or three armed staffers in each school and give them some extra pay for doing so.
Guns don't kill people, know the rest.
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