Trigger Warning: This article may contain material that is sensitive to some readers.

There is currently a man in the Montana State Prison who is serving a 75-year sentence. That man's name is Floyd Todd Tapson. Tapson received this 75-year sentence after he was convicted of the rape and attempted murder of a Montana woman. The 22-year-old woman was diagnosed with an intellectual disability, and Tapson took full advantage of her.

Photo Credit: Murderpedia
Photo Credit: Murderpedia

Tapson is the person of interest in three other missing women cases as well, of which the women were also considered to have an intellectual disability. Tapson was a supervisor in numerous group homes where he worked with many different individuals with intellectual disabilities. Tapson has ties to North Dakota, Minnesota, and Maryland as a person of interest.

In 1998, Tapson abducted a 22-year-old Billings woman, who had an intellectual disability, held her in his home for many hours bound up, and sexually assaulted her. Tapson then took the woman to a remote area, identified as somewhere in close proximity to Molt Road, and shot the victim two times.

Despite the woman's injuries, she managed to crawl through a barbed-wire fence where she found a home nearby and received help. She identified Tapson at trial, hence his conviction and 75-year sentence.

There has been a recent development in one of the other cases Tapson has been a person of interest in. In this 1996 case, Kristi Lynn Nikle went missing. As the case continues to unfold, it seems that some evidence has linked Tapson back to it. The home in the video below is one that Tapson resided in during the time a missing person report was filed for Kristi Lynn Nikle, and is now being searched.

Updated information in the post below, goes into the details of the search for Nikle.

Friends and family of Nikle are hoping this can be the end to an old case that haunts them every day. As far as Tapson goes, part of the reason he received a 75-year sentence was in hopes of him eventually admitting to and disclosing more details in the cases he is a person of interest in.

As more details emerge, we will do our best to update you. In the mean time, the link below tells the whole story of Kristi Nikle.


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