Senator Steve Daines has introduced legislation to make sure children are adequately protected when an emergency arises. The legislation called The Homeland Security for Children Act makes Department of Homeland Security get input from organizations that represent the needs of children.

Do we really need this law? According to Daines, wildfires and hurricanes are causing families to flee their homes across the nation. DHS and FEMA should prepare for the needs of children when disasters happen.

“During the horrors of 9/11, kids in the area weren’t able to get home because of a lack of preparedness for school buses,” Daines stated. “Kids across our nation deserve to feel safe, and parents deserve to know that when they are entrusting their children to another’s care they will be well protected.”

Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma and, now, Hurricane Maria prove how important that protections are in place to keep children safe during emergencies, Daine's office announced in a press release.


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