We generally think of Montana as a place where everyone gets along.

Doesn't matter your religion, politics or if you put pineapple on a pizza, we love the company. What we don't appreciate is someone accusing us of not being friendly.

Big 7 Travel, came out with a list of the 50 Friendliest States in America and Montana is really low on the list.

We are actually ranked 36th!

The reasons they give for this ranking are:

You'll be pleasantly surprised by how warm and friendly the people of Montana are. The entire state is like a small town, despite it's size. You won't be invited into someone's home for tea but they're nice. There's light-hearted banter between the various towns with a positive attitude towards tourists and other visitors.

First off, we don't drink tea here, if we invite you home it's either going to be a beer or whiskey, deal with that.

Also, it seems they are being a bit condescending when they say we are "nice."

One thing is for sure, Montana is filled with genuine people who love hanging out and being friendly.

For more details, check out Big 7 Travel.

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