The Montana Department of Justice announced its Motor Vehicle Division just received two awards from the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administration. MVD Administrator Sarah Garcia said their first award was for "customer convenience," highlighting the MVD’s driver’s services and appointment scheduling system.

"We talked a lot to the public in Montana about the new appointment scheduling over the recent months," Garcia said. "But it really was an acknowledgment of the work that has been done in Montana to try and modernize our ability for our customers to schedule appointments when they go in to get their driver's license renewed or a new license of some type."

Garcia said the second award recognized the MVD’s "improvement through efficiency" when working with dealers across the state.

"And it was for our Montana Vehicle Dealer Licensing Efficiency Project," Garcia said. "We just spent about $30,000, purchased some scanners and got some professional services to get it all set up. Dealers can now scan and email their documents to the Title and Registration Bureau and then our staff can upload that into a content management system."

Garcia said the Licensing Efficiency Project has saved the department about 41 work days.

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