We all knew the arctic blast was coming, with wind chill factors of -35 possible. And reality they became. Early Monday morning, Montana was packed full of wickedly cold air temps with significant wind gusts in many locations.

The wind chill factors have been brutal for the last 24 hours. Across much of Montana, Sunday was quite sunny - but VERY cold and quite breezy. Dangerous conditions have existed in back country locations, with thousands of outdoor enthusiasts taking to the ski resorts and other pursuits. Roads have been terrible - "sheet of ice" was mentioned by more than one seasoned Montanan.

The wind chill advisories for southwest Montana generally expire on Monday at noon, but cold temps will still be a concern for most of the day. As of 6am on Monday, January 30th, several Montana towns were in the midst of their coldest temps for this particular cold snap:

  • Livingston, Montana: -21 (with 24mph winds, -35)
  • Toston, Montana: -21
  • Harlowtown, Montana: -19
  • Gallatin Field, Bozeman: -25
  • White Sulphur Springs, Montana: -21
  • Ennis, Montana: -20
  • Butte, Montana (airport): -35 (since midnight, lowest temp)
  • Seeley Lake, Montana: -22

Road conditions across most of Montana have been terrible all weekend and will continue to be slick through Monday. Friday saw fairly heavy, wet snow fall onto roadways and then immediately freeze after dark. Some higher elevations and ski resorts enjoyed epic powder days on both Saturday and Sunday!

National Weather Service
National Weather Service
  • WHAT...Very cold wind chills. Wind chills as low as 40 below zero.
  • WHERE...Portions of central and southwest Montana.
  • WHEN...Until Noon Monday.
  • IMPACTS...The dangerously cold wind chills could cause frostbite on exposed skin in as little as 15 minutes.
  • Gusty northerly winds could also cause areas of localized reduced visibility in blowing and drifting snow through this evening.
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